More about Site44

Site44 provides the easiest and fastest way to publish files to the web by connecting the contents of a special folder in your Dropbox account to our optimized hosting platform. Changes to files within this Dropbox folder appear on your website within seconds—there are no additional steps to publish your files.

Site44 caches your content in our servers to provide excellent response time to people visiting your website.


Price Websites Custom Domains Data Transfer
Personal $4.95/month 10 10GB/month Start your free trial
Professional $9.95/month 50 50GB/month Start your free trial
Larger plans are available on request. Email

Simple Site44 Signup

Signing up for Site44 is little more than logging in to Dropbox and authorizing them to share a single Folder of yours with Site44. That folder, Dropbox/Apps/site44, will be where you will store the files for your websites.

Site44 will constantly monitor that folder for changes and will update your website with those changes. You don’t need to do anything special to make those changes take effect. Your site will also be refreshed immediately any time you press the reload or refresh button in your browser.

Custom Domains and Domains

Site44 sites may be custom domains like, or they may be part of the Site44 domain like In either case, Site44 will associate a Dropbox folder with each site. For instance, Dropbox/Apps/site44/ would be the folder that contains the contents of (When you tell Site44 to host a new site, Site44 will create that folder for you as well as put in a simple index.html file as a placeholder—of course, you can delete or modify that index.html as you wish.)

Learn more about custom domains here.

Dropbox Simplicity

After you sign up for Site44, we will only have access to files and folders in your Dropbox/Apps/site44 folder. None of your other files or folders—whether on Dropbox or not—will be visible to Site44.

Our policy is simple: Site44 will publish all of the files and folders in the Dropbox/Apps/site44 folder. Other than creating a folder and initial index.html file for new sites, Site44 will never modify any of your files or folders.

Static Content Only, Please

Site44 simply publishes files to the web. Site44 does not provide any sort of server-side hosting of code like PHP or ASP.NET. All of your files are treated as static content to be delivered as-is to anybody who browses to your sites. Of course, your HTML files can contain JavaScript to give them rich, browser-based interactivity.

Site44 downloads all of your published files to its servers so that it can serve them as quickly as possible to visitors to your site. You may delete a site at any time; when you do, Site44 will delete the corresponding files from its servers.

Advanced Features

Site44 offers some advanced features, such as password protection and custom 404 pages. To learn how to use these advanced features, please visit the advanced features documentation.